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If you are looking for a new or revamped business image, have a marketing campaign to deliver, a rebrand, a product launch, need a website with a difference, an exhibition or event stand or effective Point of Sale material and leaflets, ...We don't just do it...we do it well.

Exhibitions & Events

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3D Imagery - CGI & Concepts

Artwork, Scamps & Imagery

Business Imagery, Logo, flyer, Brochure, business card, POS design


Who We Are

At Big North Creative, we are big, bold, brash, loud and proud...and yes we are Northern...We pride ourselves on 'listening' to our customers, taking in every last detail of their requirements, allowing them to be part of the creative process. We will produce for you a high level of quality creative design, deliver innovative marketing campaigns, create or develop websites, design and create exhibition stands and point of sale material, enabling you, our client to really stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

So what makes us different? Well quite simply, our ethos and understanding of the creative process, we don't wear colourful suits or mount motorbikes to our office walls to demonstrate how 'out there' we really are. At Big North Creative, we let our design work demonstrate our ability.

Firstly let's start by looking at what the 'creative process' really means to us at Big North Creative. Creation starts with an idea. But where do our ideas come from? What makes the metaphorical light bulb light up? Is it the workings of a genius? What sparks creative levels of innovation?

Well in reality, creative ideas are formed from a collection of life experience and knowledge that we stitch together in our minds and that forms an idea, a 'light bulb' moment. The best ideas are born when they collaborate with other ideas, ideas from other people forming a collective idea, something that is also known as liquid networks when ideas are shared amongst others.

This is why at Big North Creative we like to work closely with our clients to enable them to illustrate their ideas through us. We can help with the creative design process.

At Big North Creative we have access to a wealth of creative talent from a variety of backgrounds, from areas such as media, advertising, creative agencies, production agencies, exhibition & event management companies, printing companies, web development and design. This enables us to deliver to you, design from 'Concept to Creation'.


Our Work

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